Blisstronica 3

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Frequencies of Heavenly Bliss featuring Winnie ‘Coco’ Banov

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Continuing in the fine tradition of Blisstronica ONE, & TWO Winnie Banov continues to launch bliss bombs for all who are thirsty. Set to fun high-energy dance music, this Holy Ghost inspired “truth-techno” CD will send you into intoxicating orbits of bliss.

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  1. Good Time To Drink

  2. Bliss Bombs From Heaven

  3. You Have Been Made Blissful

  4. 04 When Your Heart Knows It

  5. Death With Christ

  6. A CoCo Drink

  7. God Approaches With Silence

  8. Do Not Forget

  9. The Promised One Is Here

  10. He Leaves You Speechless

  11. The Glory Of God

  12. Putting On Christ

  13. The Cloud Of Glory

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