You are invited to join us on a Journey of Love to the Nations. Expect miracles as we experience the raw power of the Gospel and Christ's love in action.

We are looking for lovers of Jesus to join us on an international adventure. Check out these short term missionary outreaches, expressions of the heart of Jesus with hands-on pure religion: visiting the poor, the widows, and the orphans. As we kiss their faces and hug their necks, you will see many supernatural healings and salvations happen right before your eyes.

We will dig into the Word together and participate in Love Crusades filled with food, music, and dancing; wonderful "fatted calf celebrations" where we will see people get saved, healed and set free and the prodigals return home. Get your passport ready, come on and let's go -- you will never be the same again.


Love Ambush

November 2020


November 2020

Holy Land

February 2021

of Paul

May 2021

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