Global Celebration carries a strong passion for the poorest of the poor.

Having been fully persuaded that Christ is the answer to every human need, we have launched several justice and compassion projects. These projects include a regional leadership center in Bulgaria to aid Gypsy orphans and widows, and an orphanage for children in Hyderabad, India.

As we continue to travel around the world we find ourselves coming into partnership with others who share this same compassion. Global Celebration now works with international field partners (the ‘real deals’) who are faithfully doing the work of Jesus but are in need of financial and ministerial support. As a result, Global Celebration now supports orphanages and child rescue centers in Burma, Thailand, Cambodia and Nicaragua. Global Celebration has also adopted 200 first grade students in Mozambique, and has committed to fully support their educational journey all the way through the twelfth grade (graduation date: 2023). In addition, Global Celebration actively supports field partners who rescue children from temple prostitution in India and from the sex trade industry in Thailand and the Philippines.

IRS Form 990

If you are interested in obtaining a copy of our IRS Form 990, please call 717-395-9710 and ask for Dennis Valen who serves on our leadership team and oversees our partner development.

Our Board of Directors

  • Georgian Banov – Co-Founder, President and Treasurer
  • Winnie Banov – Co-Founder, Vice President
  • Charles Stock – Board Member
  • Jeff Lane – Board Member
  • Jeff Dodge – Board Member