"Woman’s Devotional"


“Woman’s Devotional + Intimate Worship Pack”



We’ve combined three special resources with “intimacy with Jesus” in mind. This “Woman’s Devotional and Worship Pack” is yours for only $33 (normally $47).

Inside this pack —

Beautiful One (book) – by Winnie “CoCo” Banov, Heidi Baker, Beni Johnson, Sue Ahn, Anne Stock, DeAnne Clark, Sheri Hess and Nina Myers: The insightful wisdom, joy, and lightheartedness of seven amazing women who have pushed through extreme winters only to fall more intensely in love with Jesus will inspire you as you find yourself caught up in the swirl of a deeper Father-daughter relationship with Abba Daddy God.

Song of the Angels (worship CD) – Recorded live in the Philippines, Song of the Angels is intimate worship at it’s best! This sweet release of spontaneous praise and throne-room adoration also features Georgian on his violin as he plays Heaven’s melodies. This album will send your spirit soaring and take you into blissful realms as you worship with the angels before the King of Glory.

Caravan: A Journey to Another Place (worship CD) – This soaking CD can be described in a single word: anointed. The Banov story comes full circle with the release of ‘Winnie’s Song’ written with Winnie’s first worship encounter in mind: Wanting to worship, but not knowing “how” and not knowing any hymns or worship songs, Winnie poured her out to the Lord as a brand new believer singing “Yes Jesus Loves Me” (the only song she could vaguely remember from her childhood). The Lord met Winnie in a very powerful way, thundering His love response from the heavens. This instrumental album features Georgian on the violin and is guaranteed to send your spirit soaring and beckon you to Journey to Another Place with your Savior.