Spaghetti, Pizza and the New Wine


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In this 4 CD Teaching Series, the Banovs serve up a hearty feast from the Book of Romans. Using nothing but fresh and the purest ingredients from chapter six (our baptism in Christ—His death and the resurrection) the main course is cooked to perfection. This teaching will enable you to confidently unscramble all the long noodles on your plate (the mysteries contained in chapter seven.) Before you know it, you will find yourself skillfully twirling the pasta and capturing all of the sauce onto your fork, and enjoying every satisfying bite.

Paired with a glass of full-bodied New Wine, the joy will hit as you savor the revelation that your new life in Christ is a complete gift; the intoxication of which will help you fully enjoy the liberating message of chapter eight. Bon Appétit!

Suggested donation: $10.00