Steps of Paul 2024-1200-628

Steps of Paul

Travel with Georgian and Winnie Banov

Two Amazing Trip Options

Option 1

Bulgaria & Greece

May 29 - June 7

Ground Only

Option 2

Bulgaria, Greece
& Italy

May 29 - June 10

Ground Only

Flight not included

You are invited to join us on a special and unique Steps of Paul journey of love, with Georgian and Winnie Banov, this summer. Come and be part of our team!

During this once-in-a-lifetime travel adventure, you will:

  • Experience the raw power of the Gospel and Christ's love in action as you participate in several outreaches and an open-air evangelistic feeding crusade where we'll serve over 8,000 Gypsy families their favorite meal, "fat sheep stew."
  • Pray for the sick, and bring hope to the lost. You will see healings and miracles as we minister to Gypsy communities who are experiencing full-scale revival; their response to the Gospel has been without abandon.
  • Watch the pages of your Bible come alive as we dive into rich teachings from the Word as we explore many of the early sites of Christianity: Philippi, Thessaloniki, Athens, Corinth and, if you choose to continue with us, Rome.
  • Participate in intimate ministry times and joy-filled fellowship with believers from all around the world as we travel through the nations with opportunities to treasure hunt and bless those we come in contact with through encouraging words, prayers, and joyful hugs.

Get your passport ready, and join us. This is the perfect combination of a radical mission trip, a lavish holiday, and a supernatural road school. You will make friends and memories to last a lifetime, and you will never be the same again.

Have more questions?

Contact us for more information: Call the Global Celebration Missions department directly at 717-395-9710 Ext 5.

Wednesday, May 29

Flight to Europe

Your suitcase is packed and all of your preparations have led up to this day. Many of you will be catching a flight to Europe to join us for this amazing adventure!!


Thursday, May 30


Arrive to Sofia International Airport, Bulgaria (SOF) to meet. We will depart the airport and go straight into the heart of beautiful, historic Sofia. Georgian will lead us on a tour of the city, telling us about his life growing up, his escape from communist Bulgaria years ago and the amazing things the Lord did when the walls of evil were broken down and he was able to return. We will then check into our hotel, have dinner together and get a good night's rest.


Friday, May 31


After breakfast, we will check out and load our Bliss Bus for our 3-4 hr drive to Kazanlak where we will join our gypsy family for an incredible celebration that evening.


Saturday, June 1


Today, we will serve the Gypsy neighborhood, over 7000 beloved people, fat sheep stew, along with bread and a favorite - watermelon!! We will enjoy another evening with our new friends - expecting miracles, signs and wonders and experiencing the Lord’s love and joy as He abundantly pours out in and through us.


Sunday, June 2


After Breakfast, we will check out of our hotel and visit our Beloved Gypsy's once more to bless the widows in the neighborhood. After a time of dancing and praying with them, we will jump into our Bliss Bus for a long drive to Kavalah, Greece! Don't be concerned about being bored! Winnie and Georgian will all be teaching and sharing with us on the bus, imparting unique revelation from the Scriptures to us. We will check into our hotel there in the evening, have dinner together and then you will have time to rest or explore Kavalah, finding some treasures along the way.


Monday, June 3

Philippi, Kavala

Breaking our morning fast, we will check out of the hotel and head to nearby Philippi. We will be joined by some friends from Bulgaria for these next few days in Greece. Take the opportunity to get to know these new friends and bless them with the joy and love of Jesus. Phillippi offers a some lovely ruins and Georgian and Pastor Maksim Asenov will share with us some insight to the area. We will have lunch at the Fisherman's Wharf in Kavala, then head to Lydia's Baptism site, where you will have the opportunity to be baptized. Later that afternoon we will drive to Thessaloniki, check into our hotel, have dinner and rest.


Tuesday, June 4


Today we will tour the ruins of Thessaloniki and then go to share Jesus with a Gypsy neighborhood. We will have the opportunity to go door to door and then gather with those in the community for a party that evening. Expect the Lord to do incredible things in and through us as we love on these people who are often mistreated and abused.


Wednesday, June 5


Checking out of our hotel in Thessaloniki, we will head to the airport to catch a short morning flight to Athens! Upon arrival in Athens, we will grab a quick lunch and then visit some amazing sites. Mars Hill and the Acropolis are on our must see list. We'll check into the hotel in Athens, have dinner and then you will have time to explore or rest.


Thursday, June 6


We will continue our adventure by heading to Corinth, seeing sites, and receiving biblical insight from Georgian, Winnie and Pastor Maksim Asenov. There will be time today for you to explore in groups, shop for some souvenirs and treasure hunt as you are led by the Holy Spirit. We will have a special dinner this evening to say goodbye to those who will not continue with us to Rome.


Friday, June 7


Today, we will check out of our hotel in Athens and, depending on which trip option you chose to do, will catch an early flight home or to Rome, Italy! If you are heading home, we hope you will leave with a deep love for our beloved Gypsies and new revelation of your union with Christ, as well as a few new friends. If you are staying with us, you will experience some of the most incredible and iconic sites in Rome, including; the Colosseum, Forum and Mamertine Prison. It will be a fantastic day!

DAY 10

Saturday, June 8

Vatican City

Today, you will visit the smallest country in the world - Vatican City. We will have an early morning as we will get the day started with a tour of the Vatican, Sistine Chapel and St. Peter's Basilica. After the tour, you will have a little bit of time to grab lunch and wander around St. Peter's Square. We hope to give you some free time today to shop and get any final gifts you may want for family and friends. Our evening will close with a meal at another beautiful restaurant in Rome. If you have not already, you should get some gelato and sit by the Trevi fountain at night!

DAY 11

Sunday, June 9


Have you ever thought that you would be able to walk a red carpet? During our time in Rome today, you will go to Circus Maximus, the location where more Christians were murdered during the cruel Roman 'games'. Winnie Banov will deliver a life changing message to you on that same field and you will leave with new revelation. We will also visit St. Paul's Basilica and the Abbey of Three Fountains. Your evening will look similar to the night before, but leave some time to pack.

DAY 12

Monday, June 10

Time to say our final goodbye to new and old friends. We will depart for the airport in early morning hours for you to catch your flight home. You will end this adventure with us only to begin living life in new ways - with beautiful revelation and rich refreshing, having touched the lives of many - sharing our Jesus's love and joy all along the way!