Join us in Washington DC for a Strategic Summit

November 1 - 4, 2018

The Shift Conference • Nov 1 – 3

Chevy Chase Baptist Church

Shift America Freedom Gala • Nov 4

Hyatt Regency on Capitol Hill

We are at the crossroads—

The moral compass of our nation has gone in the wrong direction, and we need to shift the needle back on course. God has called America to be a beacon of freedom, hope for struggling nations, publisher of the Gospel, protector of life, a supporter of Israel, and so much more.

This is an Esther moment—

As Esther went before the King to save her people from the wicked plot of the enemy, we as the Bride of Christ must boldly step forward to reverse the forces seeking to destroy our destiny call.

God wants to use His people—

As these pivotal midterm elections are upon us, we must raise our voices in one accord and cast our vote for righteous leaders. Let us join together, stand “as one” and elect those who are committed to upholding our God-given values, laws, and the freedom to preserve and protect our families for generations to come.

Join us for this strategic gathering in the heart of Washington D.C. as we acknowledge our total dependence on the Lord Jesus Christ. Let us stand united by faith in the power of the Cross, believing that just as God exploded like water over King David’s enemies, our God will explode with an even greater force through the Body of Christ, releasing His justice and victory as He heals our land.