This collection of scriptures from the book of Romans came about to satisfy my own appetite for the Word. Years ago I began collecting as many translations as I could find; and as a result I discovered a richness in each one that was the result of the lifelong study of the believers who have gone before me. As language and expression change through the years, the translators have captured these subtle nuances and have given them to us in these beautiful translations.

As I traveled around the world with my husband Georgian and daughter Yana, it became increasingly difficult to carry my collection of Bibles in my luggage. So each time I found a new translation I photocopied the book of Romans to make my traveling easier and to indulge my insatiable appetite for the Word . As I devoured these pages, I would highlight the new revelation that would jump out from them and into my spirit. To put all these verses together, I decided to do a little “cut and paste” project. Its look is a bit playful and child like, but keep in mind it was for my own personal enjoyment. Then I realized how powerful and persuasive the scriptures are when they are presented in this format. I began to use this tool as I ministered throughout the years. From the reaction I received from my listeners, I realized that most people don’t have access to these incredible translations.

It’s our pleasure to make this collection available to you. We pray that the Holy Spirit will begin to possess you even more as the revelation of Christ’s finished work from the book of Romans pours into your spirit. May the love and joy of God overtake you as you begin a new adventure with these scriptures. It is my delight to finally share my treasure with you!!!!


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