Poetry On Fire


Translated by Dr. Brian Simmons

The Psalms, Poetry on Fire is one of a series of books from the Bible translated by Brian Simmons and appropriately called, The Passion Translation.



The ancient Psalms find the words that express our deepest and strongest emotions. They will turn your sighing into singing and your trouble into triumph. No matter what you may be going through in your life, the Psalms have a message for you.

As you read these 150 poetic masterpieces, your heart will be stirred to worship God in greater ways. The Passion Translation of The Psalms will leave you amazed as the inspired words of Scripture unlock your heart to the wonder and glory of God’s Word. It truly is Poetry on Fire!

“Approximately every hundred years the spoken language of a culture changes dramatically. Biblical scholars in each new generation have the privileged responsibility to search the original manuscripts of God’s inspired Word, capture the precious ancient wisdom and insert it into the phrases and expressions of the language of the day under the guidance of the Holy Spirit. Many saints and scribes have given their lives for this holy task, and Dr. Brian Simmons has done exactly that.

My wife Winnie and I are celebrating the Passion Translation; it is a priceless treasure to the Body of Christ. The prophet Jeremiah proclaimed, “I found your word and ate it.” As we spend time in this new translation we find ourselves feasting at the banqueting table with even more gusto; enjoying the scrumptious richness of God’s Word, drinking its sweet elixir, and ever more grateful to our Lord Jesus who was made Wisdom unto us.

Having led a Bible translating team for the past twelve years in my native country of Bulgaria, I know what enormous energy and effort it takes to produce such an illuminating version. The Passion Translation series has profoundly affected our daily life with our Beloved, and we know it will do the same for every hungry heart that reads it.”

— Georgian Banov, DD honoris causa
President and Co-Founder of Global Celebration
General Director of The Bulgarian Bible Project
Chairman of the Bulgarian Spring of Life Foundation