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Through regular monthly giving, our Global Celebration partners help bring the River of God’s extravagant love to people around the globe, especially to vulnerable children at risk. Global Celebration currently cares for children on three different continents by building Christ-centered children’s homes, schools, and community centers to facilitate their care and education. As you read the pages of this site, you are faced with injustice. Let’s engage to end it in our lifetime. We want to empower the children, restore their dignity and provide for them a future full of hope. To make all of this happen we need your help, and every gift counts. The children have the power to change their world, and we have the power to help them do it! Join the movement of compassion; together we can do even more. With every rescued child, we hear a symphony of laughter and joy rising to heaven as sweet expressions of gratitude bear great fruit. Your partnership is not only a fragrant offering; it is a powerful weapon of love.


bulgariaBULGARIA is a small country in Eastern Europe that suffered the cruel grip of communism, where God was outlawed and the people were oppressed. Georgian was born under this tyrannical regime, but as a young man on the edge of desperation he escaped and was radically saved in the US. When the Iron Curtain fell in 1989 he was the first on the scene, bringing Bibles and the message of freedom back to his country. Immediately Bulgaria opened up to us and the rest is history. For the past 25 years the Lord has directed our hearts to the Gypsies, who have embraced the Gospel without abandon. We’ve witnessed incredible revival that has transformed entire cities. We are currently building a center that will house orphans, expand our feeding program, and continue to train Gypsy pastors and future leaders.


If you prefer to send your love gift in the mail, please make your check payable to “Global Celebration” and send it to:

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Global Celebration is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization, FID 91-1341558.

We wholeheartedly make every effort to send your gift to the nation and/or project that you designate. Please note however that in order to comply with the United States IRS tax code, all gifts are discretionary and ultimately determined by Global Celebration.

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