"In Love Notes, Winnie Banov has put together a great treasureInstead of striving and self-effort, we accept His love gift and precious proposal to be His, and His alone. Using the language of marriage, Winnie shows us how we, Christ's Bride, share many benefits with Him. Through His sacrifice and free gift, we are now co-crucified, co-buried, and co-raised with Him. What an extravagant partnership. As you read these pages, may our Lord, our Bridegroom, open your eyes and heart to see and feel His gracious affection for YOU, His Bride."

Heidi G. Baker, PhD
Co-Founder and CEO of Iris Global

"We are very excited about Winnie's exquisite masterpiece, The Proposal, with its accompanying work, Love Notes. This has been twenty years in the making as she has pored over Bible translations, lexicons, and Bible dictionaries, and immersed herself in meditation and study. The work of the Cross and the understanding of our union with Christ through the lens of the bridal paradigm will not only open up your understanding of the entire Bible, it will also set you free!"

Dr. Brian & Candice Simmons
Stairway Ministries
Lead Translators of
The Passion Translation”

"A beautifully woven love story. From love to betrayal and back to love again, this two-part book set displays the love of our Father through His Son, Jesus. Winnie shows us, through the eyes of her own experience, how far-reaching God's love is toward us. Her opening up of the book of Romans is beautifully laid out for us to clearly see God's plan for mankind. It's all about LOVE! Wonderful job, Winnie."

Beni Johnson
Senior Pastor of Bethel Church, Redding, CA

"In Winnie Banov, two worlds collide: she is both scholar and artist—a truly creative person who exudes passionate joy and an intense perception of beauty. Love Notes captures that energy and translates you into explosive encounters with Christ. It's deep yet simple and accessible, it opens up the great bedrock truths of the Gospel while equipping you to study the Scriptures with new eyes. This amazing resource inspires us to meditate on and interact with God’s Word—it’s the basics of Bible study made easy; taste and see, the Lord is GOOD!"

Charles & Anne Stock
Senior Leaders of Life Center Ministries, Harrisburg, PA

"If you long for revelation into the heart of God, His grace, and His LOVE, then this companion set, The Proposal and Love Notes, by Winnie Banov is a must for you! Many years of intense, thorough, and passionate study have gone into this life-transforming work. You will be deeply impacted and changed forever by His love!"

Dr. Patricia King
Founder of XP Ministries & XP Media

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