May 29th at 10:00 AM EST / 7:00 AM PST

Through the prophet Joel, God promised that He would pour out His Spirit on all mankind, release the gift of prophecy, speak through visions and dreams, cause mighty signs and wonders, and a huge harvest of souls.
Get ready!

God is calling His modern-day upper room company into a fresh Holy Spirit baptism, just like we read about in the second chapter of Acts. Think about what God did with 120 committed disciples back then, and consider what He will do today with millions of believers who respond to His hunger to birth sons and daughters into His Kingdom.

Georgian and Winnie Banov

Georgian and Winnie Banov
Global Celebration


Jeremy Riddle
Worship leader


John Arnott
Catch The Fire Partners Network of Churches


Sid Roth
It's Supernatural


Bishop Harry Jackson
Harry Jackson Ministries


Ben Fitzgerald
Awakening Europe


Mario Murillo
Mario Murillo Ministries


Lillian de Fin
Great-granddaughter of Smith Wigglesworth
Acts Christian Church


Bishop David O’Connell


Robby Dawkins
Robby Dawkins Ministries


Daniel Hagen
Daniel Hagen Ministries


Preethy Kurian
Capstone Church


Bedig Nassanian


Israel Pochtar
Voice of Judah and Beit-Hallel Congregation

In late February, I had a powerful encounter with the Holy Ghost, foreshadowing the coming move of God. To my surprise later that day, I found myself traveling to London with Smith Wigglesworth’s great-granddaughter, Lillian de Fin. Listen to her fiery prophetic message that I recorded:

We are living in unprecedented times, and the 50 days between Passover and Pentecost are significant. For the first time in history, Jewish families celebrated Passover huddled inside their homes just like their forefathers did in Egypt during the very first Passover.

The feast of Pentecost (or Shavuot) follows Passover by 50 days, and by the Jewish calendar, it falls on May 29th this year.

If Passover was celebrated like the original, how about Pentecost? Imagine millions of believers who've been penned up in their homes during this pandemic, freshly baptized with the fire of God.

Let us prepare our hearts just as the disciples did. Let us stir up our souls and let Him pour out coals of fire from the altar. As we turn our eyes and ears to the Lord in single devotion, may He ignite our hearts with first love passion and boldness.

On Friday, May 29th we are hosting a Global Pentecost zoom call with leaders from the nations, and invite you to join us as we come together in one accord. We invite families, communities, and churches to join us as we come together as one global family:

FRIDAY, May 29th at 10:00 AM EST / 7:00 AM PST

God is calling us! Join us along with Georgian Banov, Ben Fitzgerald, John Arnott, Mario Murillo, Robby Dawkins, Lillian de Fin (Smith Wigglesworth's Great-Grandaughter), Daniel Hagen, Preethy Kurian, Bedig Nassanian, Israel Pochtar, and many more.

We begin our call at 10 AM Eastern, Friday, May 29th
This call is available in 15  languages:
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