"Get activated to flow in words of knowledge, the how-to's of prophetic evangelism and praying for the sick."

Imagine evangelizing boldly and confidently knowing that God is going to do a mighty work through you. The Holy Spirit will empower you as He speaks prophetically through you!

Join us for these powerful sessions on prophetic evangelism. You were born for such a time as this!

Hi Friends! We want to invite you to join this 5-Day Free Challenge to grow in courage and boldness in the place of PROPHETIC EVANGELISM.

With God, everything is possible, and we can become more courageous and bold than we ever imagined!

You and I are being called to walk boldly - without worry or timidity - with the King as co-heirs with Christ.

God wants to use you to reach people for him - and he wants to prophesy through you as a sign to those who need Jesus!

People all over the world are ready to receive Jesus. God is continually speaking to them through nature, circumstances, and other people. He's arranging things to happen in their lives that will bring them to a place of receptivity.

This 5-Day Challenge will inspire you to step out in faith and joy to answer God's calling for all believers:


Some of what you will learn in this 5-Day Challenge Includes

*How to speak prophetically.

*How to minister with miracles, Jesus' love, and the Holy Spirit's power!

*Techniques for evangelizing effectively.

*And much more!!!

Join Georgian Banov, Heidi Baker, Dan McCollam, Cindy Jacobs, Chuck Pierce, Kevin Dedmon, Will Ford, Keith Ferrante, Bethany Hicks, Richie Seltzer, and Sammy Robinson for this incredible 5-Day Challenge on Prophetic Evangelism!

The 5-Day Challenge will take place in our FREE private "Super Joy" Facebook group! If you are not already a member, answer the 3 questions to join!

We believe God will do a mighty work through these prophetic sessions with an outpouring of His Spirit! Those who join will receive a tangible impartation from the speakers in this challenge! You don't want to miss this.