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How can we say, “no”?


November 27th, 2018

From the Desk of Georgian Banov,

We often find it difficult to sleep at night because the images of the lost and hurting, especially of little children going to bed alone, scared and hungry, are so vividly branded on our hearts.  We want to always be among the poorest of the poor, ministering the love of Jesus in word and in deed.

Every day millions of innocent, defenseless children find themselves in the wrong hands. Some are exploited and sold into sex slavery while others are abducted and raised as soldiers and forced to kill. Orphaned, homeless, hungry and alone, these children are left to fend for themselves on cruel, loveless streets.

We want to empower children, restore their dignity and provide for them a future full of hope. The children have the power to change their world, and we have the power to help them do it!

If we can touch a child and help them realize their identity as a son or daughter, it’s not too long before their smiles return, their innocence is restored, and their hopes and dreams start to become a reality.

Even the smallest of projects has the potential to transform entire communities and bring hope to those who live in the most inhospitable spiritual and economic climates.  In reaching out to the poorest of the poor, the spiritual and physical needs are closely entwined.  True transformation cannot occur without meeting both the natural and the spiritual needs.

We currently care for children on three different continents by building Christ-centered children’s homes, schools and community centers to facilitate their care and education.  We are rescuing children from the evil cycles of abuse and poverty.  We are committed to rescue, protect and raise children in safe loving homes throughout Bulgaria, Cambodia, India, Mexico, Mozambique, Myanmar, Nicaragua, Thailand and the Philippines.

We believe that Jesus is asking, “Who will hear their cry for help?”  How can we say, “No”?

Thank you for being open to God’s tugging at your heart.  Every life that we touch is a life we reach together.


Yours for the orphans,


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$30 Food

$30 each month helps keep a child from going hungry. Your love gift provides nutritious, well-balanced meals that a little growing body needs to thrive.

$60 Food + Shelter

$60 each month covers the costs of a well-balanced diet, plus the safety of a loving, nurturing home.

$100 Food + Shelter + Education

$ 100 each month covers a child's food, shelter, education, and medical care. Your love gift not only rescues a child from the streets; it also provides them with a bright future filled with hope.