Bliss Healing Rooms

Bliss Healing Rooms

March 16 @ 9:00 am - 11:45 am

We believe in God’s power to heal. If you or a loved one needs a physical healing, we invite you to join us and our trained team of GCSSM students.

The Bliss Healing Rooms are where we pursue the Holy Spirit and His healing power during a special time of ministry. Come to encounter Jesus, to receive healing prayer, and, soak in what Heaven has accomplished.

For more information, contact: [email protected]

or call 717 395 9710 Ext 726

Bliss Healing Rooms Testimonies:

“Amazing! felt a release of healing and power in my stomach. Words – spot on! God is so good.” By Jack

Came in with abdominal pain – pain level was 8 -now gone…’ By Malisse

“Ray and Susan! What an amazing couple. I was so unbelievable BLESSED. Felt so loved, and felt overwhelmeding heat all throughout my body. God’s tangible love was so sweet, and I am so thankful!” By Joshua

Coming here I had stomach pain and depression. And as I was getting prayed for I felt like my stomach was glowing and all the pain left instantly. And all I feel is Love and Joy the depression is gone. By Stephen

Location: Life Center Ministries International