A Prophetic Love Encounter

MAY 18 - 20 / COLUMBUS, OH

With Georgian & Winnie Banov, Patricia King, Bill Vanderbush, Bob Hazlett, Chad Dedmon. Hosted by Pastors Jim & Mary Baker

Worship with United Pursuit and Lacey Sturm

God has a strategic word for you in 2017

The water-level of the Spirit has increased. The Lord wants to flood your life with His love, beauty, wholeness and joy, and, ultimately impact families, cities and nations with the irresistible culture of Heaven.

We pray that you are able to seize the opportunity to join us for this prophetic love encounter. Get ready, God has stunning plans and He wants to engage you in His Heavenly blueprint!

Come expecting:

  • Dynamic revelatory teaching from spiritual mothers and fathers who are shaping culture in this new season.
  • Prophetic ministry, impartation and practical activation.
  • Extended times of passionate worship with anointed leaders from United Pursuit.
  • Fresh vision and confidence for your assignment.
  • Personal breakthrough and the release of Hope.
  • An encounter with God.