This Summer we invite you on an extraordinary journey of empowerment with Georgian Banov, Patricia King, Sean Smith, Ben Armstrong, Kevin Dedmon, and Chris Gore as they guide you towards a deeper understanding of hearing God's voice, the gift of healing, prophetic evangelism, and dream interpretation. This immersive online event offers invaluable insights and practical tools to engage with the heart of God and bring comfort, hope, and transformation through the power of the Gospel.

During this event, you'll experience:

  • Developing a Personal Relationship with God: Discover practical techniques to cultivate a profound connection with God, creating fertile ground for hearing His voice and receiving prophetic insights.
  • Engaging in Evangelism: Learn practical strategies to infuse prophetic insights into your evangelistic endeavors. Approach conversations with authenticity, sensitivity, and love, offering the hope and transformation found in the Gospel.
  • Dream Interpretation: Gain insights into how to understand your own dreams and the dreams of others. Don’t be confused any longer at the way God is communicating with you in the night season.
  • Personal Ministry and Q&A: Participate in interactive ministry sessions designed to edify, encourage, and comfort you. Engage in a Q&A with experienced prophetic leaders who will provide guidance and address your specific questions.
  • Whether you're a novice or seasoned in the prophetic, this event equips you with invaluable tools to impact lives, cultivate deeper connections, and become a vessel of God's transformative power. Join us on this transformative journey as we make disciples and share the boundless love of Christ with the world.

Event Schedule:

  • June 28th 12 Noon: Activate God’s Voice
  • July 5th 7 PM: Activating Dreams
  • July 12th 12 Noon: Activating Prophetic Words
  • July 19th 7 PM: Activating Evangelism
  • July 26th 12 Noon: Activating Healing
  • August 2nd 12 Noon: Activating Women in Ministry

Secure your spot today and get ready for an amazing and impactful experience this Summer that will revolutionize your understanding of identity, purpose, and the gifts of the Holy Spirit.